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08 იანვარი 2018 | Activity 0.1

Activity 0.1   


Kick-off event & Mini conference on experience and challenges of implementing IED/Seveso Directives


Kick-off event:


The European Union and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia together with the Galician Regional Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of Spain, supported by the FIIAPP (Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas of Spain /The International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies), the administrative and financial management body of the Twinning Programme in Spain, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (RWS) – Directorate Environment / Dutch Knowledge Centre InfoMil of the Netherlands, the Czech Environmental Information Agency (CENIA) launched a new project to support Georgia in strengthening the administrative capacities of the Ministry for approximation and implementation of the EU environmental ‘acquis’ in the fields of industrial pollution and industrial hazards. The official opening of the Project (kick-off event) took place on Friday, 22nd of September, at 10:30 at the Hotel Tbilisi Marriott.

The kick-off event gathered the key stakeholders of Georgia’s environmental sectors and the representatives of international organizations. The Deputy Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia, Ms Ekaterine Grigalava opened the event and the Deputy Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Georgia, Mr Carlo Natale, the Head of Humanitarian Aid and Development Cooperation of the Embassy of the Czech Republic to Georgia, Mr Jan Černík, the Director General for Environmental Quality and Climate Change of the Galician Regional Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Regional Government of Galicia (Spain), Ms María Cruz Ferreira Costa, the First Deputy State Minister of the Office of the State Minister of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Mr Archil Karaulashvili and the Director of the Unit for Economic Development and Environment of the FIIAPP, Ms Sonsoles Mories, addressed the participants in the first part of the kick-off event to mark the beginning of this important environmental project in Georgia.

In the second part of the kick-off event, the Spanish Project Leader, Mr José Francisco Alonso Picón, the Dutch Junior Project Leader, Mr Rob Kramers and the Czech Junior Project Leader Jan Kolar, as well as the RTA Iñaki Bergaretxe, from Spain, representing the Consortium partners, presented the overview and the objectives of the project.


Main outputs:



Organization and holding of the kick-off meeting


Presentation of activities and planned results of the project to a broad audience, including all relevant stakeholders and the public


Visibility material, including bags, folders, notebooks, pens and the project brochure provided to the public. Display of the project banner during the event. Press release distributed by the Public Relations Service of the MENRP through website of the news agency Interpressnews



The press release and pictures were uploaded to the following websites:

  • MENRP: http://www.moe.gov.ge/en/news/2017-09-24-tviningis-proeqtis-shemajamebeli
  • Galician Regional Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning, Regional Government of Galicia (Spain): http://www.xunta.gal/notas-de-prensa/-/nova/24585/galicia-participa-proyecto-cooperacion-internacional-para-mejora-los-sistemas



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Mini conference on experience and challenges of implementing IED/Seveso Directives:


The Twinning Project organized the mini conference on experience and challenges of implementing of implementing the integrated pollution and prevention control (IPPC) Directive, the industrial emissions directive (IED) and the Seveso Directives.


The activity took place on Thursday, 21sd of September, from 9:15 to 13:10 at the Hotel Tbilisi Marriott.

The Dutch Junior Project Leader, Rob Kramers, the Czech Junior Project Leader, Jan Kolar, the Spanish RTA Iñaki Bergaretxe, presented the experiences and challenges of implementing the Integrated Pollution and Prevention Control (IPPC) Directive, the IED and the 3 Seveso Directives in 3 Member States of the EU (the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Spain); Rob Kramers presented the work plan of the project and the expected results in the field of industrial emissions.


Representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection from the Legal Department, from the Environmental Impact Permits Department, from the Department of Environmental Supervision, from the Waste and Chemicals Management Service and from the National Environmental Agency presented an overview of the current situation in Georgia regarding industrial emissions and industrial hazards. A discussion followed about the ideal situation and expected result of the Twinning Project from the Beneficiary´s side.


Main outputs:



Organization and holding of the mini conference on experience and challenges of implementing IED/Seveso Directives



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Activity 0.2

Closing event